Princeton BC SNowy COuples Sesh

Hey, it's me again - brightening up your Sunday with this adorable couple! You might recognize Ally from the Little Creek Grill restaurant in town (AKA the best food ever) and you can probably find Connor there sitting at the bar (tip of the day: they have great wine too!)

First off, you can tell these two are the best of friends, and they have been for 7 years! Their love for each other is so apparent and I loved stomping through the snow with them, cowboy boots and all! Read their love story below:

'We met in gym class in grade 9, I remember going home and thinking about the little scrawny annoying boy who for some reason kept coming into my mind. Our love/hate relationship was always back and fourth, we could never seem to like each other at the same time! Becoming best friends, we were always together it was easy to say that we were going to be each other’s grad dates. Shortly after we went on a group date to the scary corn maze in Armstrong and that was when we finally were on the same page. I would have never imagined that three years later we would be living in Princeton together living the amazing life that we do.'

Also, when someone suggests two stepping in the snow - you say heck yes!